Welcome to Esse Psychology

Esse Psychology is a private psychology practice for adult clients seeking support in adjusting to changing or new circumstances, seeking emotional resolution, clarity of thinking, performance expansion or post traumatic growth.

Predominantly, clients self-refer to Esse Psychology’s services which can be accessed via Telehealth or in-person. Clients can also be referred by a GP if eligible for counselling under Medicare’s Better Access to Mental Health Care initiative.

Esse literally means a ‘state of being’.

Most people who consult Esse Psychology are wanting to change their emotional state of being in some way whether it be through coming to terms with a loss, working through past issues, weighing up a decision, adjusting to changing circumstances, setting new goals or gaining new insights.

Facilitated through the processes of Brainspotting, psychoeducation, EMDR, existential and ontological therapeutic approaches, schematic insight, cognitive reframing, somatic grounding, stress reduction techniques, dream and archetypal oriented therapy as well as a range of other modalities, Esse Psychology’s clients are helped to largely feel more resolved and integrated, less anxious, accepting and a ‘lighter-ness of being’.

Esse Psychology also supports professionals such as medical, emergency service, front-line workers and health care attendants interested in self-care, counselling, professional coaching or peer support.

Rural and remote clients are most welcome to access the services of this practice via Telehealth.

Clients are able to schedule and reschedule their own appointments. 

Esse Psychology operates largely via Telehealth and face to face appointments can be scheduled in Melbourne (Carlton) or in Euroa (Victoria).

To enquire further about Esse Psychology’s services, email esse@essepsychology.com.au