About Esse PsychologyEsse Psychology is a private psychology practice that provides a range of consultancy services for individuals, groups and organizations.

Typically people consult Esse Psychology for personal and professional development often prompted by a desire for change or to reconcile themselves with difficult, stressful or traumatic circumstances.

The word “esse” embraces concepts of existence, essential nature and being.

At the heart of the work of Esse Psychology is supporting clients to gain insight into their “essential nature” so that they may be better able to cope with personal as well as professional challenges; adapt to changing dynamics and circumstances (often outside of one’s control), respond to adversity with acceptance, resilience and hope and to experience a sense of positive transformation, personal coherence, harmony and balance.

The approach used at Esse Psychology is drawn from a range of philosophies and frameworks including existential, humanistic, phenomenological, transactional, narrative, personal construct, transpersonal and integrative psychology combined with evidence-based biopsychosocial and cognitive interventions that promote a holistic and resilient basis of intervention. Brainspotting and EMDR therapy helps clients deal with distress related to trauma, anxiety, panic attacks and depression.

Esse psychology clients range from individuals and couples to medical professionals, emergency service, health care and front-line workers.

Esse Psychology is operated by psychologist Amanda Allan who has a special interest in existential and adjustment psychology, counselling and training. She also has long-term experience working with humanitarian volunteers, international aid organizations and systems within organizations to better ameliorate employee stress, psychological transition, integration and reintegration (see www.thehumanitarian.com.au).