Performance expansion

Personal Development

Are you motivated to perform well?

Do you take pride in performing at your best?

Do you sometimes have to perform under pressure or in the spotlight?

Do you sometimes feel you become unnerved in an important moment? Get the yips?

Or don’t manage to get the best from yourself even though you know that you have the knowledge and have honed your skills to perform well?

If you feel that there is something that holds you back or gets in the way of your performance in important moments that you just can’t overcome, then some Brainspotting therapy may be of assistance to you.

Brainspotting was a term first coined by Dr. David Grand, who is internationally renowned for his groundbreaking discoveries and advancements in the areas of healing trauma and enhancing performance and creativity.

In Brainspotting sessions, the clinician supports attention flow back to natural deep brain activity and away from the more easily accessible conscious, thinking brain. In this way, Brainspotting helps clients to maximise their abilities – enhancing confidence, personal growth and insight.  Whether a sportsperson, artist, high achiever or just strongly motivated, Brainspotting therapy can expand performance capacity and help attain tangible results.

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