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Counselling & Psychotherapy
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Counselling and psychotherapy aim to help people optimize their sense of personal wellbeing, resilience and overall quality of relationship with life regardless of the nature or quantity of life lived to date.

Esse’s counselling and psychotherapeutic services supports clients to further explore life’s issues and transitions, traumatic events or every day concerns; assisting in the working through of experiences that may create tension and stress or result in feelings of inner conflict, loss or grief.

The private and confidential processes of counselling and psychotherapy facilitate exploration of thoughts, feelings and behavior for the purpose of problem solving, achieving stronger levels of integrated functioning and enabling action underpinned by authenticity, acceptance and resilience. A holistic approach is adopted that considers the physical, social, personal, philosophical and spiritual dimensions of how a client chooses to relate to their life. The emphasis remains on the world of the client and honours their beliefs, choices, values and sense of an ideal self. Conflicts and tensions are mapped and opportunities for development and growth noted.

Esse Psychology practices are drawn from existential, humanistic, phenomenological, transactional, narrative, transpersonal and integrative psychology philosophies combined with evidence-based biopsychosocial and cognitive interventions that promote a resilient basis of intervention. The mind-body relationship is also explored and practical techniques that can assist in the dissipation of anxiety, fear, stress and trauma are executed using mindful attention, focusing, controlled breathing, biofeedback, meditation, Brainspotting, EMDR and ACT techniques as well as psycho-education.

The dynamic interplay between the internal world of the client (thoughts, memories, feelings and imaginings) and the nature of the external or environmental world that has impacted (or foreseeably will impact) on the lived experience is the main focus of deeper therapy sessions. It considers the perspective of life and sense of identity and belonging learnt from childhood as well as the freedom to change, choose and relate intentionally and consciously as an adult.

Clients opting for longer term psychotherapy are usually invested in their own growth and transformation beyond the need to relieve stress or to deal with a specific issue. They will be interested in examining their own lived experience with authenticity, commitment and through processes of deep reflection. A search for deeper meaning into their existence and a transcendence beyond personal desire to a serving of humanity will be areas contemplated. Exploring relationship with life as well as with death is a critical aspect of the personal work embarked upon in sessions.

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GP referrals

Some personal counselling clients will likely be eligible to receive Medicare funded support for a portion of each session of counselling (6-10 sessions in any calendar year). Eligibility will need to be discussed with your GP. Please contact Esse Psychology to obtain provider details that your GP may need prior to writing a referral for psychological counselling services.

For clients referred by their GP to Esse Psychology for focused counselling sessions under Medicare’s Better Access or COVID19 Medicare funded initiative, a range of interventions such as motivational interviewing, cognitive analysis and behavioural therapy, relaxation strategies, attention regulation, focusing, psychosocial skills training, psycho-education, resilience education, communication training, interpersonal therapy and acceptance commitment therapy will be employed. Commonly issues such as anxiety, depression and adjustment disorder are referred by GPs for focused counselling support.

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