Personal development

Personal DevelopmentConsulting a psychologist doesn’t always have to be for the purpose of “fixing a problem”. Instead, it can be a proactive step to helping you to get the best out of yourself and your relationship with life – providing a forum to reflect and to review the way in which you have lived life so far. This can serve as a useful springboard for making choices more consciously, coherently and positively in the future.

Reflective and creative techniques are used in these sessions to help clients to identify and map their life navigating cognitions, beliefs and insights. Archetypal imagery is employed to explore the subjectively construed nature of relationship with perceived challenges and opportunities presented in life.

Clients are guided through a gentle mind-body technique known as focusing which facilitates a listening to sensations or felt senses in the body. These sensations, when attended to, help make sense of thoughts and feelings and can support the unearthing of own inner wisdom held by each and every client.

Insight into aspects of intrapersonal and interpersonal functioning can also be gained through a formal (self) appraisal of emotional intelligence. Coaching will complement the appraisal process so that results can help springboard personal development in this area.

As with any phase of personal growth in our lives, there will be implications for relationships with the external world and it is not unexpected for people to make significant and positive changes to their lives and their relationships after undertaking a series of personal development sessions.

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