Professional Support

Professional SupportA range of psychological support services is available for professionals working in medical, emergency service, front-line, psychosocial, pastoral care and health care roles.

It is well acknowledged that working on the front line can come at a significant cost to emergency workers or professional caregivers, their relationships, their health and their families. Schisms in one’s private life can emerge because of the detrimental impact of exposure, personal investment, energy and time spent in being a professional caregiver or volunteer.

Alternatively, working on the front-line can also be deeply rewarding and meaningful. Such positive and growth-ful experiences can in turn contribute to significant changes in the realm of intrapersonal, interpersonal and intimate relationships. This is not necessarily a negative outcome but personal transformation can have implications for the synergy of relationships and future decision making.

At the negative end, feelings and behaviours such as stress, disconnection, demotivation, cynicism, boredom, a sense of not belonging, anxiety, depression, sadness, grief, weariness, burnout, compassion fatigue, confusion, hopelessness, stagnancy, disbelief, helplessness or a need to exit from roles or relationships are common indicators that front-line personnel need timely and effective organizational, professional and peer support.

Esse Psychology provides counselling services for individual frontline workers as well as facilitated peer group meetings and consultancy support for organizations.


A range of training for front of house or volunteer support staff can also be tailored – please don’t hesitate to enquire.

Refer also to the website which is a sister practice to this one and offers comprehensive psychological support for personnel being deployed overseas or on humanitarian missions.