Relationship counselling

icon-relationshipRelationships are a significant component of our lives. A lot of time, effort and energy is invested in our relationships whether it be in the workplace or at home. Healthy relationships enhance our wellbeing and have positive effects on others, especially children.

There are many different types of relationships and not one size fits all.

Clients accessing Esse Psychology services may do so because they are experiencing changes in their current relationship (for example due to life phase, illness, work pressures or vocational demands), or perhaps because they are dealing with separation, preparing for marriage or just wanting to gain insight into the nature of relationships that are likely to be a good fit for them.

Some individuals or couples may need to work through feelings of grief and loss associated with a relationship that has not met hopes or expectations and work with the psychologist to find ways of accepting the end of a relationship and embracing the possibilities of a new one.

Attending joint counselling sessions can assist couples in pin-pointing underlying values on which the foundation of the relationship is built; identifying unhealthy communication patterns, learning new communication skills, rediscovering feelings of love or attraction or developing a picture and pathway for the relationship in the future.

At Esse Psychology, the psychologist is not invested in any particular outcome for the relationship – they position themselves as a facilitator for achieving outcomes that the couple may ideally perceive to be positive, enhancing, healthy and in the best interests for all concerned. At the very least, respectful, safe and enabling of a more satisfying quality of life.

Extended session time can be booked for relationship counselling sessions.

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